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As a parent of children with autism I always worry about the financial future of my kids. There are very few measures that we can take to ensure the financial future of our special needs children, until now. ABLE is the solution that parents like me have been waiting for. In most cases, the best you can do for your family is to leave an inheritance that can help your child carry-on his or her life without you. The issue with this solution is that it will cause additional restrictions for children with disabilities. If your child needs federal aid services such as SSI or any other federal benefits having any asset, such as an inheritance, savings, or property may prevent them from acquireing those benefits. Though unfortunate, this is the reality and fear that many parents such as myself face when planning for the future of our special needs babies. With our hands often tied advocating for our children while we are still present is currently the very best option we have for them. 

With ABLE this can all change. I am so excited to share with you information on a plan that can secure the stability and financial future of our children. 
About ABLE
After years of advocating, negotiating, and compromising, the Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act was passed into law. The ABLE Act now allows for the creation of savings and investment accounts for people with disabilities without negatively impacting federal benefits, in other words with out loosing the benefits. Florida is among the first states to implement the law, which created the ABLE United program.
The mission of ABLE United is to encourage and assist the saving of private funds to help people with disabilities cover costs that support their health, independence and quality of life. Simply put, to help save for a better life experience. And that is how it allow us as parents to have a piece of mind knowing that with can save money for our kids with the guarantee that they are not be exempt of they federal benefits if they need them. 
With ABLE United you can:
Now, individuals with disabilities that live in Florida can:
• Save tax-free for future qualified expenses
• Save while maintaining federal benefits
• Save on fees – ABLE United offers the best value.
ABLE United accounts provide an economical way to save up to $14,000 per year for future qualified disability expenses. For individuals who are employed, ABLE United can help grow assets with tax-free earnings. Those who are unable to work have the ability to save money without fear of losing benefits. An ABLE United account provides an opportunity for financial independence for individuals with disabilities, and also allows caregivers and family members to contribute and help financially prepare for their loved one’s future. It’s a new day for Floridians with disabilities. 
This program is only available for whom lives in Florida State. I really hope this kind of resource extend to others state.  It is about time that people with disabilities have the right to ensure their best life style being not afraid to loos their benefits. Knowing that their cost of: health, housing, education, transportation, employment, Training/Support Assistive, Technology & Support Services, Funeral & Burial,Legal Fees, Financial Manangement, Oversight & Monitoring Other Approved Expenses by the Treasury Regulations.
To take advantage of this program you have to open an account that will not take you more than 15 minutes and no documentation have to be upload. Also you can visit ableunited.com to learn more about ABLE United program. 
Who is eligibility
• Has a qualifying disability
• Onset prior to age 26
• Florida resident Opening an Account 
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    • Laura Rodriguez says:

      Wanda, te entiendo, por razones como la tuya es que quiero que este programa se difunda. La verdad que nuestros hijos y todas las personas con necesidades especiales merecen tener una opción como esta que asegura de alguna forma un mejor futuro. Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Estoy contigo de corazón porque entiendo tu lucha. Besos!

  1. marita50 says:

    Qué bueno saber que existen éstos programas, que prestan ayuda a tantas personas que la necesitan, espero que con la difusión se extienda a toda la nación. Abrazos.

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