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Now . you can plan the future of your child with disabilities with confidence.

If there is something in common we have as parents is the concern of our children’s future. I guess it’s a legacy that we want to pass on to them but we can not help on worry about their financial security. Even more we worry about this late one if our children have a disability. In other words the financial security is a BIG concern. Not matter how much I do everyday for my kids the financial “thing” is the big elephant in the room in my life. How they will manage this issue after we (the parents) are no in the picture anymore. For years this issue has been my worse nightmare. But things are not looking so dark anymore, let me tell you why. 

America Saves, had conducted a survey  and they finds out that only 40 percent of households are making good or excellent progress in saving, and more than 27 percent report no progress at all. For the families of individuals with disabilities this saving or planning  for the future is even harder. Just take a look: The National Disability Institute reports that an estimated 1.9 million households that include an individual with a disability do not have a checking or savings account. And I can relate with this as a family with individuals with disability our expenses are greater and the time that we have to work or produce is much limited, as our family demand more from us. It is not a coincidence that many of this families lack adequate financial education and the necessary tools to grow their savings. While we are busy trying  our best to provide for our family economically, emotionally and any other way we can help, this issue may continue to go unattended. Families with individuals with special needs need to have the same opportunities of the rest of the population.
The following fact is frightening:  “Individuals with disabilities who rely on government means-tested assistance programs to meet their needs were previously limited to only $2,000 in assets.” As a parent on an individual with disabilities this is very sad, you don’t want your child to fall in the crack of the system and condemn him/her to live in poverty because he/she can no own more that $2,000, this is not even the value of a car. Hopefully this $2,000 asset limit is no longer a barrier.
And here way you can also plan the future of your child with special needs with confidence. 
As I have mentioned before about ABLE United they offer a great opportunity to save and plan for the future without be worry about losing the benefits that you son/daughter have the right to have.
ABLE United offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to save up to $14,000 each year, tax-free, without negatively impacting federal benefits.
Open an account with ABLE is easy and this are some of the benefits of ABLE accounts include:
  •  Access
  • Flexibility
  •  Funeral and burial payments
  •  Doesn’t require attorney
  •  No monthly cost or cost to open
  • Already approved by SSA and Medicaid

Note: ABLE Program is only available for individuals residents of Florida State

I am sure you have tons of questions, I know because I am in your shoes and of the question can be “How does an ABLE account compare to other financial planning tools, such as a special needs trust?”

They have thought of this and so they have a great opportunity to learn more. You can join ABLE United and special needs attorney Travis Finchum in a discussion of the attributes of both types of accounts in a webinar so you can understand better what account is the best choice for yourself, your loved one, or the people you serve.

Visit the Webinar link here to register and attend from your home on Thursday October 26 at 12 Pm east T . Here is a special code you can use to reguster: MAMAESPECIAL17. 
yDon’t forget to check out the ABLE United site where you can find tons of information.


  1. Christine Goulbourne says:

    This is such an exciting thing for individuals and families of children with special needs. Planning for the future is always a concern and this makes things so much easier. Thank you for posting this wonderful resource.

  2. Andreina - Labrando un HOGAR says:

    So, we think a lot about the future of our children (more when they have some “disability”) and maybe the financial part is something that occupies our thoughts a lot, because we are not supposed to control it. But from what I see here in your post it seems that they are now opening doors.

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